Bumblebee, K2000, Ghostbusters… A dozen of legendary cars gathered in a pub !

It’s soon to be the Superbowl in the United States and the pubs to big-budget make their return ! The opportunity for the chain of WalMart stores to afford the luxury of inviting the greatest racing cars of the screen. WalMart Will recognize you all his cars ? Because, if the Batmobile from The Dark Knight opened the ball, it is sometimes more difficult to put a movie title – and even more of a name, on each vehicle that made its appearance in this advertising spot. It helps you : the SOS Ghosts is called ECTO-1. And why not you also do offer a ride in one of these legendary race cars, or just rent for the time of a ceremony with collectors and entrepreneurs such as those of the site https://www.moviecarscentral.com/ . And, for the purists who admire the original models, you should know that Bumblebee Travis Knight is still in theaters ! The trailer of Bumblebee Bumblebee trailer VF

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