Hello Kitty soon be adapted into a feature film by the producer of San Andreas ?

The american studios New Line Cinema will adapt into a feature film with the famous character “Hello Kitty”, the first film in the English language to see the light of day since the creation of the franchise in 1976. Sanrio Star of the derivatives and icon of pop culture in japan, Hello Kitty could soon be the subject of a film adaptation in the English language, the first to see the light of day since the creation of the franchise in 1976 ! This is indeed the intention of the studio New Line Cinema and producer Beau Flynn (San Andreas, Rampage), who have purchased the rights to the character created by the company nippon Sanrio. A project dubbed by the CEO of the company Shintaro Tsuji, who expresses in a press release (via Variety ) “his excitement at the idea of seeing Hello Kitty and other popular characters from the company Sanrio do their big debut hollywood.” Available in countless derivative products, but also in video games and animated series, the franchise Hello Kitty has generated more than $ 80 billion of revenue since its creation in 1976. A total class second, the classification of the franchises most profitable (behind Pok√©mon), far ahead of Star Wars ($65 billion) and the Marvel Cinematic Universe (28 billion).

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